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Champion Starlight' Beautiful Dreamer

 CH Starlight's Beautiful Dreamer
Finished Championship from the Bred-By Exhibitor Class

#19 Tibetan Terrier (Breed Points) - 2005
#18 Tibetan Terrier (All-Breed Points) - 2005
Eukanuba Qualifier - 2005
Top 20 Invitational Qualifier - 2006
Westminster Invitation - 2006 (for 2007 show)
#6 Tibetan Terrier, #3 Tibetan Terrier Bitch (Breed Points) - 2006
#11 Tibetan Terrier, #4 Tibetan Terrier Bitch (All-Breed Points) - 2006
Eukanuba Qualifier - 2006
Top 20 Invitational Qualifier - 2007
Bred-By Exhibitor Group 2 - May 2005 (Antelope Valley KC: Pomona, CA)
National Specialty Award of Merit - May 2006 (Burlingame, CA)
Group 3 - Oct 2005 (Delaware Ohio KC: Delaware, OH)
Group 3 - Oct 2005 (Delaware Ohio KC: Delaware, OH)
Group 4 - June 2006 (Skyline KC: Fisherwille, VA)
Group 4 - Sept 2006 (Grand Valley KC: Grand Junction, CO)
Group 4 - Oct 2006 (Fort Smith KC: Fort Smith, AR) 

Miricle Tibetan TerrierBeauty is a miracle – multiple times over. She was the only puppy to survive in her litter. Her mother had an abscessed tooth and the infection poisoned her blood, killing the other four puppies before they were born. This little beautiful baby was special from birth.

Beauty LostThe greatest miracle was having her returned to us after being lost in the Las Vegas desert for 8 days. Tuffy and Beauty had gotten out of the backyard of our house. Luckily, Tuffy was sitting in the front yard, but Beauty was gone! After a weekend of searching, contacting the shelters, and posting flyers, Chris and Cassandra returned home to Southern California. It was a horrible week, praying that Beauty would be found and that someone would see a flyer or our newspaper ads. Unfortunately, Beauty was not microchipped. Nine days later, we got a phone call from our Henderson neighbors, telling us that it sounded like Beauty was found! Five hours later, we were in Las Vegas with Beauty in our arms again. Aside from being dehydrated and losing a lot of coat from being matted, she was remarkably no worse for wear – and is now microchipped!

Champion Starlight' Beautiful Dreamer
2005 BOB

Champion Starlight' Beautiful Dreamer
2005 Pomona 

Champion Beauty the Tibetan Terrier

Beauty's Television Debut (Eukanuba Spot)
Camera - Action Beauty the Movie Star  Beauty in front of the camera


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