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Max the Tibetan Terrier                Be At Piece

CH Char Su's Cinemax
   Register of Merit Stud Dog 

Max was our first Tibetan Terrier – the one that started it all for us. He was a cute little puppy who would torment our Chow-Akita mix. Luckily, Spooky took his new playmate in stride and they got along great.

Max was also our first show dog. Chris took care of the grooming and Cassandra did her best to show him. Much to our surprise, Max got a Group 4 Placement at 15 months old! Unfortunately, Chris wasn’t there to see it happen – it was the first show that she didn’t go to! After a lot of learning, Cassandra finished Max shortly before his second birthday and he became our first Champion!

As Chris and Cassandra started showing Starlight (our second TT), they decided to retire Max since he didn’t really enjoy going to dog shows anyway. Chris decided to try obedience training with Max and they placed first in his training class. However, he was happier just being a house dog and watching after Starlight, and his growing family.

Max was the fortunate survivor of a coyote attack in our backyard. As Chris let the dogs into the house from their runs in the late afternoon, she noticed that Missy was in season. She left Max outside while she checked on Missy and then heard a horribly screaming noise. Chris went running to the backyard and found Max with a number of puncture wounds in his throat. It was still daylight and there was no sign of anything in the backyard anymore. The vet said that we were lucky that Max survived. The first coyote bite normally punctures the esophagus so that the dog will suffocate and the second bite generally breaks the victim’s neck. The vet thought that it must have been a young coyote that didn’t know what it was doing yet and was startled by Max’s strength and loud scream. From that day forward, Max never went out in the backyard without patrolling it first to make sure that nothing was hiding out there!

Champion Tibetan Terrier Cinemax       
Group 4 - Nov 1993 (San Gabriel Valley KC: Irwindale, CA)

Champion Tibetan Terrier Cinemax Christmas Champion Tibetan Terrier Cinemax Christmas Champion Tibetan Terrier Cinemax Christmas
Christmas for Max was always a special event

Max and his best girl Starlight ready for town in their summer coats 
Champion Tibetan Terrier Starlight and Cinemax
Starlight & Max


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