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Starlight's Kids

  Missy the Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan Terriers are cute puppies  

CH Starlight's Miss Maxine

Missy was often affectionitly called Miss Mess.  Her hair always seeded to be in disarray.  Missy was the first puppy born in the first litter that Chris and Cassandra bred. She looked exactly like her father, Max, and became his namesake. Missy was also the first Starlight champion! Even though Missy was a cutie in the show ring, she was glad to retire and was eventually adopted by Cassandra’s friend, Mary Drobnis.

6/12/99 -- Our First Home-Bred Champion!

Champion Tibetan Terrier Miss Maxine  Champion Tibetan Terrier Miss Maxine
CH Starlight's Miss Maxine
Burbank Kennel Club, Burbank, CA
Missy becomes a Champion under the judging of Mr. Gilbert Kahn.

Mary & Missy

Champion Tibetan Terrier Miss Maxine at leisureChampion Tibetan Terrier Miss Maxine at leisure
 Quebec City (Fall 2003) & Montreal (Summer 2003)

 Champion Tibetan Terrier Miss Maxine hair in my eyes
Oh, there you are.
This darn hair keeps covering up my eyes!!


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