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  PIA the Tibetan Terrier
Champion PIA the Tibetan Terrier

 CH Ashante's Angelic Starlight

Pia is from the second breeding of Bailey and Cappy. We liked the puppies so much, that we did it again. This was the second joint venture between Starlight Tibetan Terriers and Ashante Show Dogs (Sharon Lewis).

Pia got her name since she was a “Pain In the A** ” as a puppy. She thought that the world revolved around her. While Cassandra thinks that her original name still applies, Chris prefers to call her “Sweet Pea” now.

Champion PIA the Tibetan Terrier
2006 in the backyard with Finnigan

Champion PIA the Tibetan Terrier
August 2005 Santa Barbara, CA BOW

Champion PIA the Tibetan Terrier
2005 - Finished Championship from the Bred-By Exhibitor Class


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