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Sock It the Tibetan Terrier
  Tibetan Terrier Sock It To Me Time to Relax

CH Starlight's Sock It To Me
Register of Merit Brood Bitch


Group 4 - Jan 2000 (Skyline Dog Fanciers: San Mateo, CA)
Group 4 - May 2001 (Durango KC: Cortez, CO)
#20 Tibetan Terrier (All-Breed Points) - 2000
#22 Tibetan Terrier (Breed Points) - 2001
#23 Tibetan Terrier (All-Breed Points) - 2001
Eukanuba Qualifier - 2001

Sock It was Chris and Cassandra’s first Tibetan Terrier to place in the Non-Sporting Group that they had bred. Cassandra proudly showed Sock It to two Group 4 placements and Top 20 status. Sock It earned the nickname “Sock-a-doodle-doo” because when she got bored in the Group ring, she would bow down, stick her rear in the air, and “crow” like a rooster to get attention. Unfortunately, the more that Cassandra told Sock It to stop it, the more that she would do it. While Sock It loved the game, Cassandra wasn’t always amused.

After having a speedy simple delivery with her first litter of puppies, Sock It’s second litter caused us a lot of anxiety but brought us one of our most cherished puppies ever, Beauty. Sock It had significant trouble delivering the first puppy (Beauty). She was breach and stuck halfway out. When the second puppy started to be delivered, it pushed Beauty’s head out and tore Sock It open, rather than pushing Beauty completely out. Chris had to do an emergency “episiotomy” to deliver Beauty. While Beauty was alive and healthy, the second puppy was still born. As we were on the phone with our vet, the third puppy was delivered and was also still born. We rushed to meet our vet for a late night C-section to deliver the last two puppies, which also were still born. After being spayed and stitched up, Sock It and her singleton puppy were happy and doing fine, but we were all heartbroken and baffled by the four still born puppies. A couple days later, a sore erupted on Sock It’s cheek from an abscessed tooth. Chances are that the infection from the tooth poisoned Sock It’s blood and killed the puppies. Beauty was a miracle to be alive! To this day, Cassandra still is in awe by Chris’ calm under pressure. If Chris hadn’t had the courage to do what needed to be done, Sock It and Beauty may not have survived. It was a freak incident that was enough to make us question whether we wanted to breed again and go through that type of stress and pain – especially after having had Starlight’s second complicated litter.

TTCA Nationals (May 6-7, 1999), Allentown, PA   
1999_06 Nationals
Starlight's Sock it to Me
Regular Classes: 1st place 12-18 mos. Bitch Class
  Thank you to judge Gary Carr

  Sock It 2000_01 Group 4
Sock It January Group 4

Sock It 2003_05 BOB Wyoming
          Sock It 2003_05 BOB Wyoming

Tibetan Terrier Sock It To Me Time to Relax
A Little Rest Time from the Show Ring


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