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Champion Stormy

Champion Stormy Tibetan Terrier

 CH Starlight's Take Em By Storm

Finished Championship from the Bred-By Exhibitor Class

Stormy could not be denied our attention, although we typically breed for the solid red/gold colors.  As soon as the puppies in his litter started walking around, it was clear that he was special.

Since Chris and Cassandra each already had a male in their households, we unfortunately had to find a new home for Stormy. Thankfully, Virginia and John Lyver stepped in and added him to their TT collection. Cassandra still regrets having to let him partially go.

When Cassandra took Stormy to the George Alston Super Advanced Handling Seminar as a 3 month old puppy, George boasted that he has always been able to leash break a puppy in less than 15 minutes, but that he was concerned that an outgoing TT puppy might ruin his record. Sure enough, Stormy didn’t give in! As George put it, “You have a looker.” Stormy wanted to stop, stack, and look at everything. George believes that a top special needs to “look.” Rather than trying to push the leash breaking, George let Stormy take everything in and demonstrate how a “specials quality” puppy should act on a lead.

Stormy finished quickly, including one Best of Breed win over two specials ranked in the Top 20. He is taking 2006 to grow up and will hopefully come out as a Champion in late 2006.

Champion Stormy Tibetan Terrier
September 2005 - Santa Barbara, CA 

Champion Stormy Tibetan Terrier
September 2005 Santa Barbara 

Champion Stormy Tibetan Terrier
November 2005 - Phoenix, AZ New Champion


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