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Starlight's Kids

Our Tibetan Terrier Friends
This area is for you to feature your Tibetan Terrier.  We will publish a Tibetan Terrier that has been provided to us by you.  If you are interested, please send an e-mail to one of your favorite Tibetan Terrier photos (preferably a cute one or one at play) in either jpg or gif format, a short description of the photo contents (<100 words) and your OK to host the information (e.g., the photograph and description as provided).  Your name and e-mail address will not be included or provided to anyone, ever (unless you include it in the description).  

5) Where is your photo?

Your Favorite Tibetan Terrier Photo Could Go Here
Your Description Could Go Here

4) Cooper and Josie (Nov 2010) Check them out at...

Friends - Cooper and Josie Relaxing in the Hot Sun
Nothing all that interesting… two sleeping dogs, right? Except they were out sleeping in the sun, and if it’s 113 in the shade, what was it in THE SUN? And they have THICK fur coats on… and they’re FROM TIBET - and last I checked, it’s COLD in Tibbet!

What’s wrong with them!!!!!
(Owners: Rick and Paul)

3) Bodie (Nov 2010)

Friends - Bodie relaxingBodie facing front
Bodie (Owners: Laura and Russ)

2) Buster (Oct 2010)

Friends - Buster helping with the leavesBuster at play
Buster (Owners: Jaime and Susie

1) Holly (Nov 2009)

Friends - Holly the TT 1Friends - Holly the TT 2
Holly is the happiest dog we know.  She is full of life and love.  She enjoys hikes, dancing, and her puppy friend Penny.  She also likes to snuggle with her kitty friend Cooper.  She has survived many adventures, including chasing seals in the ocean at the doggie beach. (Owners: Annie and Louie)

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