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Tibetan Terrier Links

Tibetan Terrier Information
  • Tibetan Terrier Club of America
    • Health  Many breeders will have knowledge of their puppies’ bloodlines and potential buyers are advised to ask questions and inquire as to evidence of any testing done on the sire and dam.
    • Rescue  The TTCA Rescue program attempts to find homes for Tibetan Terriers that for one reason or another can no longer stay in their previous homes.
General (but insightful) Dog Information
  • InfoDog (MB-F Superintendents)   Strengthen your capacity for providing deeply responsible care for your pets, whose lives are quite literally resting in your hands and heart.
  • Dog Training at Home  If you're looking to properly train your puppy or older dog yourself at home - this website is for you.  You'll find a huge collection of proven dog training information and tips used by professional dog trainers worldwide.
  • The Dog Name Site  The most important thing a dog owner will do next to picking the right dog is picking the right puppy dog name. We're here to help! We've come up with some fun, unique dog name lists. Easy to find names, nicknames and the most popular names of the day.
  • The Dog Breed Site  This fun website will soon be filled with information about all dog breeds. We'll supply easy to find facts, photos and info on small breeds, rare breeds and large breed dogs.
Canine Poetry & Humor
  • Dog Writings & Poetry  A wonderful collection of writings and poetry devoted to our canine companions. You will laugh, you will cry but you will always feel. If not, you don't have a heart. So get your box of tissues and keep them close, you'll be needing them for many of these.
  • Dog Humor  If you need a reason or smile or laugh, there's also plenty of humor to be found right here.
  • Pet Blog Sites  Devoted to all things canine;current news, animal advocacy, health, food and nutrition, training, humor, dog writing and poetry and more.
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